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Theta series, by Gayle Parness

Thanks, Kira, for letting me stop by to talk about my Theta Series, a paranormal romance series set in New York City.

In the year 2025, a group of four archdemon aliens with elemental powers divided up the earth to create their own kingdoms. One of the worst of the four, the Director, took over the eastern half of the U.S., making humans his slaves and claiming all assets. Forced to come out after centuries of hiding, other powerful supernatural groups – vampires, werewolves, witches and sorcerers – stepped forward, insisting on their slice of the pie.

But out of the chaos, a new species was born from the humans now enslaved: Thetas. With psychic powers unmatched by any other species they’re gathered up by the Director and trained to use their magic to enhance his wealth and status by entertaining the wealthiest citizens, becoming another race of slaves. But there are thetas who’ve hidden and thetas who’ve been experimenting on their own, and a revolution is about to begin right under the Director’s scaly nose.

Theta Series Book 1Playing with Passion: Born a Theta, Ingrid has spent her life forced to project fantasies for alpha werewolves and master vampires, sometimes becoming a victim of those fantasies herself. But she’s determined to break free. All she needs is a little cooperation and magical help from her powerful and very sexy production manager, Mack.

Mack protects his troupe from the Director’s wrath and powers the theta performances with his axis energy, making sure every show goes smoothly for the actors and the audience. But the sexy new leading lady is causing trouble, using too much power, running experiments with her magic, endangering them all.

When Mack attempts to put a stop to Ingrid’s reckless behavior, Ingrid and Mack find they’re connected in a way neither one of them could have imagined, forcing Mack to finally listen to Ingrid’s plans for a life free from the Director’s tyranny.

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Theta Series Book 2Yielding to Pleasure: Matteo, a street theta from Brooklyn, NY has kept his neighborhood clear of supernatural criminals for the past five years. Ten years ago, demons killed his father and kidnapped his sister, Bella. Now Matteo works the streets, sworn to find his sister and avenge his father.

Anne, an escaped troupe theta, is hiding out in Manhattan, hunted by The Director’s soldiers and barely surviving. After a brutal attack, she’s shocked to find herself in the apartment of a sexy Latino street theta determined to nurse her back to health. Somehow she has to keep her identity a secret or else both their lives will be in danger.

Gene is now the leader of the rebellion against The Director’s tyranny, recruiting new thetas and struggling with the choices he’s forced to make. When Matteo and Anne need his help, he does his best to convince them to become part of his team. But when a former enemy tries to form an alliance, and a trusted friend goes behind his back, his long-term plans begin to collapse.

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Gayle ParnessAuthor Bio & Social Media
Growing up in Hollywood, California contributed to Gayle’s love of all things fantasy and science fiction, so writing in the genre she loved made perfect sense. After retiring from her job as production manager and costume designer for several New York City community theatre companies, she has been self-publishing paranormal romance and fantasy ebooks non-stop for the last six years. So far, she’s the author of ten self-published and one traditionally published paranormal fantasy ebooks.

Gayle will be plotting out Book Three in the Theta Series this fall and is planning to release it in Summer, 2016. She’s also beginning production on an audiobook version of her very YA Fantasy ebook, Rebirth, and is busily writing book two in her YA spinoff series.

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