Kira Shayde

Paranormal Romance Author

Primal Shifters North America by Kira Shayde

Primal Shifters North America

The “tamer” version of the Primal Shifters trilogy with a sensual heat level rather than red-hot steamy and set in North America rather than South Africa.

One central story of war. Three journeys of love. In a world where the animal predators are shapeshifters and territorial disputes led to war, loving outside your boundaries can get you killed.

PART ONE: When Holly Darrow’s brother goes AWOL from an elite military force, she confronts Commander Bane Alderidge, a rare melanistic cougar shifter. Sparks ignite, but Holly finds a challenge in taming this brooding, hostile beast. Bane does not expect the daughter of a high-ranking parliamentary executive to be a smart, code-breaking expert adamant about abolishing the lion caste hierarchy and ending the cougar-wolf conflict. Nor does he expect such a stunning cougar to fall for him. But Bane’s job is to find the traitors supplying weapons to the wolves, and all signs point to Holly’s brother. Holly won’t give up on her brother though…or Bane. As their passion escalates, so do the risks, the danger, and ultimately, their love.

PART TWO: Months as a POW leaves cougar shifter Fix Darrow struggling to recover, but he can’t get the curvaceous Caryn Volkov out of his mind. Yet the beautiful daughter of the wolf chairman only torments the disabled former soldier with heated trysts before pulling away. No matter how much she desires Fix’s touch, Caryn’s obligations involve more than fighting for an independent wolf state in a land ruled by cougars and fraught with war. She must sacrifice any chance of happiness and freedom by marrying within the clan to ensure her safety. Unable to stay apart, Fix and Caryn defy societal rules and risk their lives as they battle enemies, search for the truth about his captivity…and fall in love.

PART THREE: When Alina Waldemar agrees to spring an imprisoned cougar shifter and hand him over to the rebels in return for information about her birth parents, she doesn’t expect the man to capture her mind as much as he does her body. Falsely accused of conspiracy, Kipper Reynard has no intention of allowing the icy blonde to sell him to the very traitors who landed him a stint in prison. Yet her ethereal blue eyes reflect years of sadness as a lynx trapped in a land of cougars, and he understands her need to find her true kin. Except she’s not the only one targeting him. With a bounty-hunting wolf and the Defense Force in pursuit, Kipper and Alina agree to an alliance…one that leads to her finally experiencing the joys of desire. Can their passion earn them the trust they’ll need to survive?

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