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Great Review of Bane

Review of Bane of Her Desire by Coffee Time Romance

Holly Ainran is the daughter of a highly placed and wealthy Parliament member. She is a bit of a tomboy and very progressive in her ideas. She has a talent for breaking code and not following the rules. Bane Ojore is the leader of the Alpha Elites. He is a rare gray lion shifter even though he is from a first caste family. He is a powerful lion and a fierce and intelligent leader. Holly’s brother, Fix, is missing and presumed to be both dead and a traitor. Holly finds this impossible to believe and goes to his superior in the Alpha Elites, Bane Ojore. The attraction between the two is immediate and powerful, but there is a group organizing to overthrow the current order and both of them are in danger.

This is an exciting read. The author has created a complete world of lion and hyena shifters, where the lions are supreme and the first caste are superior to the other lions. Class differences always lead to conflict and the author has made the most of that in this story. Holly and Bane have a contentious and passionate relationship with a brewing war in the background, all of which combine to keep the reader on the edge of her seat.

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