Kira Shayde

Paranormal Romance Author


Primal Shifters Box Set – release date

Three novella-length paranormal romances in one overarching story of sociopolitical conflict. In an alternative Africa, the animal predators are human, territorial hostilities have led to war, and only compassion and love bring hope. But loving outside your boundaries can get you killed.

Available in Erotic and Tame versions, eBook and Print.

Bane of Her Desire: A first-caste daughter of Parliament opposed to the lion-hyena conflict searches for her missing brother. The hardened military commander, shunned by society for his fur color, refuses to provide her with answers.

Desires at War: Crippled during a mission against the hyenas, a lion soldier intends to find those responsible for his captivity in a hyena POW camp. Yet he can’t let go of his feelings for the hyena chairman’s daughter.

Cool Blue Desire: Falsely accused, a second-caste lion is sprung from prison by an aloof stranger and agrees to her trade with the rebels. With the Defence Force and a bounty-hunting hyena in pursuit, he’s forced to trust her.

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